Cape Town is home to some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the world. Some trails are right at our doorstep and some require a short drive.

Each of our hikes provide a short summary of the trail as well as a more detailed description of the hike, the terrain to expect, the estimated duration of the hike and whether or not it is dog friendly. We also aim to give you the latest updates about specific hiking trails, such as changes due to fire, weather damage and other safety precautions. We have categorised our hikes by distance, and whether or not they are dog-friendly. This will allow you to choose between short a stroll you can squeeze in after work, or ready yourself for an adventurous full day out.

The Cape Trails: Homepage

Explore nature and discover places you’ve never been to before as you take the time to walk down the trails with our team. The Cape Trails is a team of dedicated hikers who loves exploring nature and showing other people the beauty that we found along the way. Let us take you on the adventure of a lifetime as we walk down the most beautiful trails in the country. Meet our team below: 

Meet the team 

This website aims to give as much updated information about hiking and running trails in and around Cape Town. We want to give you all you need to plan your day out. We are still in the early stages of bringing you up-to-date trail information, so please be patient with us as we put it all together. If you have any suggestions or hikes you’d like us to review, please feel free to contact us.

All three of us are dog-lovers, you may notice a little Jack Russel featuring in our photos. This is Ollie and he will help us find Cape Town’s dog-friendly trails.

Sam Beckley

I am an Exercise Science PhD student at the University of Cape Town. Ollie, the Jack Russell, is my loyal partner in crime. We both enjoy hiking the Cape Town trails as much as possible. I founded this website as I felt there was a need for a well-organised site with all of the trails in and around Cape Town, showing which are dog-friendly and safe for us to explore alone.

Fabio De Dominicis 

I am a sports journalist in print and digital media. I have lived in Cape Town since 2014, and am in constant awe of the natural beauty the Cape has to offer. I love exploring new places, am a sucker for the perfect Instagram shot from the top of a mountain, and am eager to share all the incredibly beautiful trails I’ve hiked with you on this website.

David Leith 

Aloha! I am currently studying towards an Honours Degree in Biokinetics at the University of Cape Town and am passionate about exercise in all forms. However, nothing beats spending long hours in the mountains! Some of my most treasured memories are of camping and hiking the Drakensberg with my family and hiking the Fjords of Norway during my backpacking adventures. 

More recently, I have taken to trail running and love to explore the diverse landscapes of South Africa on foot. I hope you enjoy the routes posted on this website and please don’t be shy to contribute your own epic adventures on our beloved Cape Trails!

Please feel free to contact us with any information on hikes we have already posted or any hike you would like us to check out in the future. Alternatively, if you would like to contribute please send us a write up of your own hike and we’ll post it on the website.