Constantia Greenbelt

Constantia Greenbelt
  • 3 km loop
  • Easy terrain
  • Lots of shade
  • Water available
  • Dog friendly

This is the perfect 3 km loop for you (and your mutt) to get out and stretch your legs. The route is safe as there’ll always be some one else around on their daily walk, but there’s enough space that they will never be cramping your style. Although, the route can be quite busy on Saturday mornings at 8am as the Constantia Parkrun is held along the greenbelt. There is plenty of shade along most of the route as well as benches to sit on to admire the view or enjoy the serenity of the bubbling stream. The terrain is easy along the whole route, with a gentle gradient – just watch out for the roots. Leashes are not required for your dog, provided they are well behaved.

There’s a number of places to park your car before getting started, but the most common spot is along Brammaert Avenue as it’s right next to the big grassy field where many owners let their dogs roam. Once you walk across the field you will find a path – take a left. The path takes you up a little hill and shortly afterwards there will be a turn to the right. Stay right, which takes you back around to the other side of the river. At this point, if you stay straight instead and follow the path, the trail leads to the Diep Rivier trail after a road crossing. The path to the right splits again; stay right, as this will lead you through some trees and back over a little bridge, and you will end up close to the large grassy field again.

After walking along the grassy field for a little bit, stay left, as this will take you back over another bridge. This route follows the river most of the way with views of some of the beautiful Constantia houses to your left, including a few of their paddocks. The route becomes elevated for a part of your trek and drops back down again 1.5 km into the loop, to one of the river crossings. A few hundred meters later the route turns back around. From here, the path stays straight to take you back to the start.

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